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ActivTrak helps companies unlock productivity potential. Our award-winning workforce analytics and productivity management software provides expert insights that empower people, optimize processes, and maximize technology. Additionally, with data sourced from more than 9,000 customers and over 450,000 users, ActivTrak’s Workforce Productivity Lab is a global center for ground-breaking research and expertise that helps companies embrace and embody the future of work. Based in Austin, Texas, ActivTrak is backed by Sapphire Ventures and Elsewhere Partners, and is led by a seasoned team of software industry veterans. To learn more visit: https://activtrak.com/.

BackBox is the provider of solutions for automated backup and recovery software for security and network devices. BackBox is the simple way to backup and restores device configurations, offering centralized management for all your security and network device configurations in a single application with a convenient real-time dashboard. With BackBox, you can schedule automatic configuration backups and monitor them easily from an intuitive dashboard interface. BackBox can also be set up to alert administrators if backups have not been performed. Furthermore, when BackBox performs its automatic network configuration backup procedures, it verifies that they’ve been done correctly

BurstIQ is the leading provider of blockchain-enabled data solutions for the healthcare industry. The company's private, permissioned data network allows organizations to connect with each other, securely share data, and unlock a deeper understanding of the diverse factors that influence health. The platform combines blockchain, Big Data, machine intelligence, and granular data ownership and consent to build multi-dimensional profiles of people, places, and things and empower the interactions between them. The result is a global, secure data network that allows health systems, payers, digital health companies, pharma & life science companies and governments to collaborate, share, discover, and build the impossible.

We're a growth-stage VC firm that invests in Elsewhere Outliers: exceptional companies located outside of major VC hubs who have achieved a lot with a little.

Foresite, a leader in cyber security and compliance services, delivers a range of consulting, assessment, compliance, and managed security services to provide peace of mind for companies in an age of unprecedented cyber-challenges. Our solutions satisfy a large and growing reliance on companies requiring assistance to deal with rapidly evolving cyber-threats and risks. Our unique and flexible solutions offer businesses innovative ways to address the liabilities of today’s cyber-security and compliance requirements. We are industry veterans with deep insight into the complexities and requirements of delivering solutions that achieve information security and regulatory objectives. Operating as an extension of our customers' staffs, our professionals, long experienced and highly knowledgeable in information security and compliance, apply their expertise to proactively secure digital assets through comprehensive assessment, vigilant monitoring, response, and remediation through Foresite’s proprietary ProVision platform.

Founded in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia in 2014, Decipher is a rapidly growing mesh platform company supporting the US Government and private sector. Decipher Technology Studios produces Grey Matter, the intelligent mesh platform for enterprise microservice, container, and hybrid cloud operations and management. Our platform delivers reliable secure network performance, service level management and business intelligence, resource control, automation, and cost efficiency for the enterprise. Grey Matter is a pathway to enterprise modernization and cost control, providing interlacing service control, data management, and neural net functions designed to optimize enterprise distributed systems ROI and TCO. Grey Matter facilitates the management of distributed microservice workloads, controls network traffic, and smartly scales infrastructure to meet business demands. The capture and analysis of over 100 telemetry types powers onboard service level management and control. Our customers rely on Grey Matter’s speed, security, and reliability for critical distributed cloud management and data discovery, storage, and global sharing requirements. An industrial AI software pathway to intent-based networking and AIOps, the platform is also designed to optimize enterprise network availability and performance through AI neural network analysis, enabling AIOps for contextual awareness and intelligent network monitoring.

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Itential provides powerful network automation software to companies worldwide, from Fortune 500 telecommunications and financial service companies to enterprises of all sizes. We are committed to building world-class products that accelerate the move toward software-driven networks and next-generation, agile network operations. We are exclusively focused on delivering network automation solutions that help our customers realize their vision of digital transformation. Our solutions leverage the latest thinking, open standards, open architectures, partners, and best practices to drive network operations and maximize the impact of automation.

Learnsoft Enterprise Training (“Learnsoft”) is a national leader in providing organizations with fully integrated learning solutions through innovative and comprehensive IT & business-skills training programs. Their highly customized ‘project-driven’ approach and clear focus on optimizing individual productivity to enhance organizational performance promotes efficiency, drives learning effectiveness, and maximizes return on training investment. Through a platform incorporating both web-based and instructor-led training delivery methods, they utilize proprietary techniques for assessing competency and identifying skills gaps, enabling us to develop, manage and administer the ideal training solution for any organization’s needs. They deliver the most current course materials, applications, and learning content using innovative formats and approaches, each designed to provide clients with the most applicable knowledge for advancing individual skillsets and enhancing business performance.

OpsCompass serves as a cloud operations guide to modern enterprises that seek to preserve the advantages of the cloud without sacrificing compliance, security, or their ability to manage costs. Its software provides the right information at the right time, and actionable insight into what to do next. It’s simple to deploy, intuitive to use, and asflexible as the cloud itself. Across compliance, security, and cost management, it provides the ability to fold cloud operations into existing processes with existing personnel.

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Founded in 2007, Portnox is a market leader for network access control and management solutions that scale from small to medium businesses through to large-scale government and enterprise organizations. By spanning the diversity of network technologies and devices in-use today, the Portnox platform allows companies to grow, optimize and evolve their infrastructure while ensuring security and compliance. The IT landscape of today continues to challenge organizations to accommodate an ever changing landscape of users, devices, locations and environments. As the variety and complexity grows, the challenge to maintain policy and compliance while delivering productivity and efficiency amplifies.

Sellers Shield provides software solutions that protect real estate brokers, agents, and home sellers from lawsuits. Sellers Shield's state-of-the-art protection is designed by industry experts to reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit as well as provide security to sellers if one occurs.

Statflo enables retailers to augment their human workers and turn their idle time into time they can use to build 1:1 real relationships with past customers using the leading compliant messaging platform. Customers of Statflo achieve double-digit increases in sales within 60 days, increase in-store appointments, increase customer LTV and can foster a path to purchase using outreach.